Dale Keller's Camper Trailer

We looked at a lot of trailers, but we didn't find anything that was just right, and prices were awfully high. We wanted a smallish trailer, narrow enough to see around with our small tow vehicle (older Toyota Tacoma, before they grew into great fat cows). Most of the trailers we looked at were 7 feet wide, but our pickup is only 6 feet wide. Of course we still wanted room to sleep, and a kitchen, and a toilet.

Some guys retire and build a 32 Ford. I decided to retire and build a camper trailer instead. So we bought a new 12x6 cargo trailer, and ripped out its guts, and converted it into a camper trailer.

We bought this new 12-foot by 6-foot cargo trailer with a 6.5-foot tall interior.

Another view.

Unfurnished, of course.

I removed all of the wood paneling, and reworked all of the factory wiring connectors (shoddy work which needed correcting). I won't mention how sloppily the frame was made or how out-of-square it is. These trailers are slapped together in a huge hurry.

I added foam insulation to the walls and ceiling, and added wooden frames for the windows, before replacing the wood panels.

And a new wooden ceiling, with a ceiling vent/fan.

A base coat of paint.

I installed a window (expensive), and some fancy paneling.

Another window, some internal electrical work, ceiling LED lights, a bed frame, and a toilet. At this point we took it camping. It was crude, but it kept us dry when it rained.

The "front porch" to sit on the tongue, holding the battery and the liquid propane. (Later, I moved the 86 pound battery to the rear of the trailer to lighten the tongue weight.)

The front porch in place, not quite finished yet.

Building the front cabinets. The electrical stuff is at the bottom (110V to 12V converter, battery charger, switches).

A headboard for the bedframe, with a countertop in the front, and a heater. And a strange old geezer.

Building the chair frames (converts to a bed).

The high little front windows are installed.

It's starting to look comfy. Chairs, fold-down chair backs, a table (converts to a bed). Cushions (expensive). Rubber flooring. Cabinet doors.

Cooktop, sink, and a lousy faucet. And below, a lattice to hold the two 5-gallon fresh water jugs (not shown), and a 7-gallon gray water jug, and a 45 quart cooler on a roller trolley. Plumbing will be coming soon.

Adding the first overhead cabinet, and a small LED light over the couch.

It's certainly not done yet, but we have used it several times, and it's improving each time. It needs folding couch backs, with cushions, and several more overhead cabinets, and trim and paint and lots of little details. And a spare tire carrier on the back.

Then we'll be ready to hire a maid, and a butler, and a chef, and a gardener.