About Dale Keller

I live in Englewood, Colorado, and I make my living working with computers.

I have a lot of interests, and waaaaay too many hobbies. If I didn't have to work for a living and didn't have to sleep, I might have almost enough time for hiking, electronics, programming in C, Java, Visual Basic, and assembly languages, operating system design, welding, designing microcontroller projects, designing microprocessors, machining, optics design, telescope building, woodworking, motorcycling (both touring and off road), nuclear physics, cosmology, model railroading, web page creation, auto repair, car building, writing computer assemblers and compilers and simulators, encryption algorithms, four wheeling, train watching, railroad history, bible study, camping, reading, amateur radio, RF circuit design, antenna building, astronomical observing, and cartography. Oh, and landscape photography. And I probably missed a few.

My wife and sons share some of these interests, such as photography, hiking, camping, and four wheeling.

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